A repair

Friday, March 17, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, John made a repair of a tile hole here near the farm office.   A tile hole occurs when an unwanted opening occurs in underground drainage tile.  The hole can be made by a failure of the plastic tile material (this is rare), or if a small rodent chews through it.  Subsequently, the passing of water through the tile erodes the soil above the tile, and eventually the hole appears at the soil surface.  The tile hole will continue to grow until you dig access to the drainage tile, repair the hole in it, and then fill the void.   That is what John did yesterday.

I caught up to John as he was using the backhoe to fill up the excavation he made to repair the tile.

This WASCoB is just behind our fuel building and farm office. The tile hole that John repaired had caused this structure to overflow, creating some soil erosion. It’s all better now.

It is very satisfying to observe our nextgen farmers take charge of these types of conservation measures.  It is our strong goal to protect our soil resources.

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