Oh, the wind and rain…

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The past couple of days have been very, very windy… and very, very rainy.  We have received here at the farm 4.5″ (115 mm) of precipitation.  No snow, all rain.  Today, it’s finally down in the mid 30s, and the wind is still howling.  The area ditches and creeks are running bank-full, the Wabash and White Rivers are rising.  We heard thunder a couple nights ago!

They are predicting a few days now of no rain.  The snow we wanted for Christmas never came; it was just too warm. In fact, Christmas day was t-shirt warm, and felt a little like spring.  I’m hoping for some below-freezing days in the 20s, so that the roads will be clean and clear for grain hauling next month.  We don’t mind 20 degrees, as long as the wind is calm.

Christmas has come and gone for us, both parts of it.  Philip was home Thursday to Sunday, Ben got here Sunday night.  They crossed paths at the Indy airport as Philip was departing and Ben was arriving from work.  They had a couple hours together.  So, we had our Christmas celebration on Friday evening with John’s family and Philip… then yesterday, the same occurred with Ben and his girlfriend Megan, along with John and Ashley and the girls.  The extended holiday allowed us to have a little more time than typical with our family, and we’re grateful for that.  Maybe we didn’t need two big Christmas dinners!  Yes, it would have been nicer to have them all together at the same time, but life evolves as the guys’ careers take them in new directions.

Ross is monitoring the grain markets for more opportunities to sell the corn and soybeans remaining in our storage.

As we near the end of 2015, we ponder the events we experienced during the year.  We look back with some amazement at how fast the year seemed to go.  We look forward to 2016 in anticipation of all it holds in store.  We pray that the new year will be kind to you.

Happy New Year from all of us at Carnahan & Sons.



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