Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wow, is it ever windy today!  Gusts to 40+, steady winds near 30 mph.  It’s not very cold today, about 55F, but the wind makes it feel much colder.  It sort of cuts right through your jacket.  John has delivered corn to GPC, and will take a load of soybeans to ADM this afternoon.

I’m trying to figure out my new iPhone 6s.  Didn’t really want to change, but my old phone’s battery was requiring a charge every couple hours, and the camera was beginning to have trouble focusing.  So, I made the switch.  When I hooked it up to iTunes to bring in my apps and music and other information, it told me this new phone needed a software update!  So, I’ve got to do this 3+hour download, and install it before I can personalize this new phone.  Okay duty for a windy and chilly day, but I never expected this phone to need updated right out of the box!  We get our cell phone stuff from a place called “The Gooch” in Vincennes.  Great people there.  At least when I walked out of the store, I had my contacts from the old phone, and the internet and email were functioning!

Guys from Midwest Ag Systems, Rockport, Indiana, are here today to install an upgrade to our grain dryer.  The GSI 2326 X-Stream dryer is getting a new moisture sensing device.  GSI is providing this new improvement, so it is nice that Patrick and his helper can use this windy day to make this change.  Thanks, GSI and MAS!

The guys from MAS are installing an upgrade to the grain dryer today.

The guys from MAS are installing an upgrade to the grain dryer this afternoon.

Batten down the hatches today!


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