New video, part II

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another new harvest video is up today on our YouTube site.  This latest one shows some scenes of soybean harvesting.  We took about 25 minutes of footage, and reduced it down to under 4 minutes.  So, if you have about 4 minutes to spare, take a look at our new offering.  I hope it shows just how much we enjoy the harvesting of soybeans!

Bill and Brandon are delivering soybeans to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.  John is washing up the JD9360R tractor.  I’m crunching numbers for the year-end tax planning, and getting the crop budgets refined.  The computer work goes on and on…

This will likely be a day when we can cut a small portion of the replanted soybeans.  It’s supposed to be 80º+ today with bright sunshine.   Those replanted soybeans at two locations, Pond and Harry, are ready for the combine.  But the other two locations, Waldo and Huey Flat L, are still like butter-beans.  Maybe in a couple weeks, those will be dried down enough to cut.

In another note, there is a family in central Kansas that has produced phenomenal films about their operation.  If you will take about 14 minutes, you can see their latest production.  For those of us who are farmers — and know the beauty of rural America, and  who know the joy of a family working together — it will bring a tear to your eye!  If you’re not a farmer, hopefully, you’ll see why we love this rural life… and feel blessed to have a part in it!

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  1. Savannah says:

    Excellent job you guys!

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