Itty Bitty Beans

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Checked on some replant soybeans yesterday, and they look really nice!  It would be more satisfying if this were May, not July… but at least there is something growing on that spot besides weeds.  Not certain they’ll fully mature before frost, but hoping we’ll cut some soybeans from the late plantings.  I’m sure it’ll be around mid-November when these are ripe!

These little soybeans were planted on July 6.

These little soybeans were planted on July 6.

Went to see the beef show at the Knox County Fair this morning.  Perhaps there are fewer cattle there than a generation ago, but the quality from top to bottom was top-notch.  Macy Dillon, whose family has land that is adjacent to some of our farm locations, had the Grand Champion Steer today.  She has won the same award now for 4 years out of the last 5!   The Grand Champion Barrow was named on Monday, and the winner was our neighbor Brandon Marchino, son of Rob and Tabby.  Congrats, Brandon!

White River is headed down (again) today… let’s hope for the last time this summer!

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