Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Well, the soybean air drill is fixed, finally.  We put the last of the new parts on the JD 1890 no-till air drill at dusk.  It was a massive job, but we didn’t fade.  Locating parts was difficult, and the overnight-as-kinda-sorta-promised was delayed arrival.  The remaining parts finally got here at 4pm.

It was pretty physically taxing and many of the parts were heavy.  Ross worked with me all morning to get the bent row units completely torn down.  Brandon joined us at 4pm and we spent a little over 4 hours putting 4 row units together and re-mounting them on the drill.   Whew!  I’ll probably be a little “achy” tomorrow!

John was able to use this good day to spray in the White River bottom fields.  So, it was a productive day.

Back to #plant15 Thursday!

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