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Thursday, April 9, 2015

These rainy days have allowed me to prepare a short video of our day spraying last Wednesday.  Check it out on our YouTube site. We made this video with our DJI Phantom II and attached GoPro Hero 3+ camera.  From this video, you will see that I still have much to learn about the photographing and editing processes.   It’s pretty fun to fly the Phantom!

It’s a warm 76ºF (24C) today with strong winds.  Yes, we had some rain this morning.  The forecast is dry until Monday!  Early planting is slipping away from us.

John is using this rainy period to work on the old 1938 John Deere B.  He has it running a bit better, and he can start it with the flywheel, rather than requiring a pull to get it going.

John is repairing or replacing some of the old leaky radiator hoses.

John is replacing some of the old leaky radiator hoses.

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