Almost there

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When we review today our checklist of things to prepare before planting, we can safely say that we are ‘ready’.  The machines have been serviced and we can say, “ready…set… go!”  The only hold-up is that the fields are not quite ready for us and our machines.

And, as every farmer knows, when you do go to the field that first time in the spring, you often discover little glitches that were unforeseen!

Once we find a field that is dry and firm enough to allow us to get going, the first tasks will include using the sprayer to stop the growth of the cover crop wheat here at the Home farm and at Lett/Watjen.  Soon after, the NH3 –anhydrous ammonia– will be applied to the corn acres.  NH3 is the major source of nitrogen for our corn.  We prefer to apply it pre-plant, but we can sidedress the standing corn if the conditions delay the pre-plant too long.  Pre-plant herbicides will be applied for both corn and soybeans…. then, the planters can get going!!!

We read of farmers out in Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa that have spring field operations already going.  That gives us increased desire to commence such things here.   But also for them, they are dealing with the effects of various levels of drought… which is not the case in SW Indiana.  And, did you hear?  There was snowfall in northern Indiana  yesterday!   That would certainly put a damper on your planting enthusiasm!

I’m going off to PT again today, and those visits are getting down toward the end.   Soon, I’ll be on my own to work on strengthening those long-neglected shoulder muscles.

We are kind of in a holding pattern on this cool (35ºF or 2C) and cloudy day.

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