Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th, huh?  Maybe that’s why I’m having a less-than-perfect day.  Yesterday, I discovered that I made an error in the calculations for the soybean planting rate chart.  Therefore, all the planting prescriptions must be re-done… and I was almost finished with them!   Today, I am having some kind of glitch in the JD Apex software that will not permit the prescriptions to be transmitted (in the normal way by USB) to the Greenstar 2630 screen in the awaiting tractor.

Here's the frustrating error message in Apex.

Here’s the frustrating error message in Apex.

I’m hoping my new JD tech guru can repair this glitch or find an alternate method of transferring the prescriptions!

Also, it’s raining cats and dogs here today.  The WASCoBs are filled, and the ditches are running full.  The gauge says 1.06″, but it looks like more out there… like a 2+” rain.  And it’s still coming down!   I think we can safely say there is no drought in SW Indiana!

John continues his work in the shop on the 9360R tractor and the 2510H applicator bar.

Have a great weekend…. if you can’t get your fill of basketball this week, you’re not really trying!

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