A little more snow

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We got about 2 more inches of snow in the overnight hours.  It is noticeable, but the lane and driveway are still clear enough to get around.  In fact, Brandon is out in the Vanna truck to deliver corn to ADM in Newburgh.  I have some errands to run in Vincennes.

Schools in Knox and all nearby counties are closed again today.  It is very cold.  The low is supposed to dip to -7ºF (-22C) tonight.   The skies are super-clear today, and the sunshine is brilliant!  You sure need those sunglasses today!

The forecast is for a couple very cold days and subzero nights.  Rain is predicted for Saturday…the Weather Channel is giving a 100% chance of rain on Saturday!   Are they really  that certain?  Ross is experiencing some cooler days in central Florida, but the weekend down there looks promising…back into the low 80s!

The JD 7130 has pushed  a lot of snow this week, and it's ready if needed again.

The JD 7130 has moved a lot of snow this week, and it’s ready if needed again.

Ben will be coming home for a short respite from his flight work.  He’s currently based in Seattle, but will visit Philip in Portland, Oregon before flying home later this weekend.

The new pickup needs a wash, but it doesn’t make sense to do that just yet…



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