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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Trucks and truckers are busy today.  Two loads of corn went to GPC at Washington, Indiana, and 3 loads of soybeans went to ADM at Newburgh, Indiana.  Not much else is going on outside on this very cold and windy day.  It was 1ºF (-17C) when the day started.

We are learning about a new technology, beginning today.  We have acquired a DJI Phantom 2 aircraft (some call it a drone).  I started unpacking it and assembling this afternoon.  So far, just the propellers are installed.  We have much to learn before we can get this ship airborne.

Beginning to unpack the Phantom 2

Beginning to unpack the Phantom 2

Propellers installed, but much more to go... This thing will eventually carry a camera, and give us a view of fields, impossible to get from the ground.

Propellers installed, but much more to go… This thing will eventually carry a camera under its mid-body.  This should give us a view of fields that would be impossible to get from the ground.

Hoping it to be more than just a toy, we will be attaching a GoPro Hero 3+ camera (not here yet).  This way we can get photographs and video from above the fields.   For example, I’d like to get a picture high above the newly-installed drainage tile lines at the Burke farm before tillage and planting obscures the exact location of the tile.  Next summer, we could use this to scout some fields, giving us a more accurate view than just the windshield view from the pickup.  And, I hope to get some great pictures of the machines in action during planting and harvest.   Yes, it may be a solution in search of a problem, but it should also be a fun thing to learn.

Maybe we could get a moonlight job delivering packages for Amazon, huh?

Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer.  Above freezing temps will have to wait until the weekend.  (33F on Sunday predicted).  Well, it’s just winter in Indiana…that’s all.  And so far, it’s better than January 2014.


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