Important day

Friday, December 19, 2014

This is an important day for this family farm, for today we make the 2nd of 10 payments on the Burke farm.  This farm was purchased in November 2012… see the post for November 7, 2012 to read the details of the auction that day.  This was our biggest purchase (measured in dollars) in the farm history, so being able to know it is now 20% paid off is a great emotional boost.

The next important day like this will come soon… on January 30, we will make the final payment on our Cresy Evans farm!  Wow, those 10 years went by quickly…

Today, the day is sunny but cool.  I have been working in the office on some information that will affect how we sign up for the 2014-2018 USDA farm program.  I found an online template developed at Kansas State University that will utilize our particular farm numbers, bases and yields.  We have to supply our best estimate of future grain prices.   This application will help indicate which of the 3 options for sign-up will be the best for our future.  This work could be a little tedious, so I’ll tackle it in small bits at a time.  I hope to finalize that exercise in February, but we have until March to do the actual sign-up.

There will be a HS basketball game tonight.  What would a cold December evening be in Indiana without HS basketball?  South Knox travels to Washington Catholic HS tonight… they will play the Cardinals in the classic old gym called the “Birdcage”.  Oh, what fun!



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