The brakes are on

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yesterday afternoon, we had a breakdown in our large unload pit… or more specifically, the drag conveyor that lifts the grain up into the big elevator.  We had to borrow a vacuum machine from a neighbor in order to clear out the wet corn from the pit. After the pit was cleaned out, we determined that the conveyor had a major failure, and we called in Jake from Montgomery Welding to perform the repair.  The entire drag will have to be lifted out with a crane, the bottom end repaired, and then re-installed.  It may not get fixed by the end of the day today.  This conveyor was installed in 1998 when we made major upgrades to our unloading and drying system.  It has performed very well… until yesterday.


The corn yesterday was wetter than what we harvested on Thursday– 26-27%.  Could we switch over for soybeans?  The beans are not quite ready to cut.  So, we’re kinda stuck until the pit conveyor is repaired.  We will be surprised and pleased if it gets back going today.

We are delivering corn to Robinson’s today.  Shepard’s are repairing a grass waterway here at the main farm.

Even with the breakdown, something productive is occurring at Carnahan & Sons on this beautiful September day!

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