Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last Saturday, Pat and I did some hand spraying of johnsongrass from the Gator.  We parked it in the shop when we got done.  Upon closing the big overhead door, it went “bang!” as the went down.  One of the big sets of spiral springs failed and cut a gash in the top panel of the door.  Good thing my pickup was not parked inside, for the door will not open again until it is fixed!  So, today the guys are here from DC Metal at Cannelburg, Indiana to begin the repair.  Hopefully, they’ll get it operational today, and later they’ll replace the damaged top panel.

They guys from DC Metal work to get the big overhead shop door fixed today.

They guys from DC Metal work to get the big overhead shop door fixed today.

It’s certain that summer temperatures have returned to southwest Indiana.  We are predicted to have a couple more days in the mid 90sF, and back in the 80s by the weekend.  This heat we believe is helpful for the ripening of the corn and soybeans.

After a little repair work on the bush hog blades this morning, we’ll put it back to work this afternoon.

We got an invitation to a ‘combine clinic’ at the JD store in Ireland, Indiana next Friday.  We don’t normally attend those training events, but this time we feel it is important to attend because the S680 is a new model for us, and we have no experience yet with it in soybeans and corn.  It should be a helpful morning investment of our time.

We think harvest 2014 will commence about the 3rd week of September.

Keep cool!

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