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Monday, July 21, 2014

Received some text messages from our 2013 French student,  (our French “son” for the month of June 2013).  He says the hard wheat and barley harvests are not so good for their family.  The yields are down from their expectations, so it’s not quite as fun this summer.  It has been rainy in his “Beauce” region of central France.  Even so, he sends us a photo today, and he seems to be smiling.

Yvertin at the wheel of his Claas tractor.

Yvertin at the wheel of his Claas tractor.

It’s good to hear from Yvertin again.  We’ve kept in pretty close contact since he’s returned a l’France.  We got news from our 2014 ‘French son’ Nicolas.  He seems satisfied with the harvest in his region of Brittany.

Going off to the Knox County Fair tonight.  One of the young girls from church is in the queen pageant this evening.

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