No, not today

Friday, May 23, 2014

I went over to Wheatland this morning, in hopes to find the field at Huey dry enough to plant soybeans.  To my surprise, the roads became wet as I approached Wheatland, and I began to see puddles of standing water.  Apparently, there was a rain in Steen Township overnight.  When I arrived at Huey, it is just much too wet to even think about planting there today.  My best guess is Monday…maybe…

Shepards have moved in more pieces of equipment to Lett and Watjen, and that’s a good sign that the conservation work will be happening soon!  We are quite eager to get this project completed and finish off the planting.

Looks like White River will have another ‘minor flood’ crest over the weekend into Monday-Tuesday.  I don’t think we’ll lose much planted crop to this flood event, but it will delay the finish of soybean planting.

Philip arrived at home in the wee hours of the morning.  He had to change planes in Denver, and there he was delayed over two hours.  Pat picked him up in Indianapolis, but it was extra late.  He’ll be going to the Indy 500 Sunday with his brother John… it’s become kind of a tradition for them.   He asked me the other day that if there was planting happening while he was home, that he would like to ride along, and even operate the tractor a little bit.  He’s a very skilled operator, so I am pleased to say “yes”.  Let’s hope we find a dry day so that he can have this experience.

It’s a sunny day, 75F predicted…does it get any better than that?  We will go to my great-niece’s graduation tomorrow at noon.  At South Knox, the school board president participates in the ceremony, and I get that privilege tomorrow.  It’s an honor to greet the graduates and congratulate each one.

Here’s wishing you a happy Memorial Day weekend.

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