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Monday, May 12, 2014

After the kinda-wet weekend, we looked over the remaining fields to be planted this morning.  We found the Nellie farm to be dry enough to plant soybeans.  So, I moved there and began to plant.  It was near-perfect conditions… moist, but not too-moist soil…so beautiful behind the air drill.  But along about 2pm, here came a thundercloud; the accompanying rain was significant enough to drive me from the field.  Can’t plant those beans in the mud!  I took the equipment all the way back home, for the forecast is for a couple more rainy days.

We were very pleased with the gentle and just-right rains over the weekend.  This precipitation softened the crust on the soybean fields that were planted April 24 and 26.  Now those beans are popping through and looking pretty nice!  How do you spell “relief”?

We have 1 day’s worth of work of corn to plant and now 1 day’s worth of work of soybeans to plant.  When will the weather give us that day?  Last week was very productive, so we cannot complain.  The emerged corn and soybeans look very good.

Hope all you moms had a blessed day.  It sure was a happy one here.


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