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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

As I was driving down Robinson Road yesterday, I happened to notice that the water was low enough in the ditch to see the outlet for the tile we installed at the triangle field of the Waldo farm.  It’s great to see that outlet pumping out the water.  Last week’s heavy rains ponded for several hours on the field’s surface, but this drainage system is working to remove the excess water.

This tile outlet is 8" in diameter.  The excess water is pouring out!

This tile outlet is 8″ in diameter. The excess water is gushing out!

The system of drainage tile that empties here takes care of 32 acres.  The branches are all 5″ plastic tile, and those connect to the main line which is 8″ in diameter.  That main line extends approximately 1000 feet across a neighbor’s field to gain access to a ditch deep enough to drain our field.

To learn more about this specific tile system, see posts for December 6 and 11, and 14, 2012.  That’s when this tile drainage system was installed.



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