Are we ready?

Monday, March 24, 2014

The sun is shining brightly this morning, but the air is very chilly.  It got down to 25F last night, and it’s still only 28F as we begin the day.   The next few days could be chilly, but by the weekend, better days are predicted.  And at least the snow has been removed from tomorrow’s forecast.

John and Brandon have serviced pickups, trucks, tractors, the sprayer, the ammonia applicator bars, and the field cultivator.  The water truck is ready to load with water and herbicides.   The planters are ready, and only need to be lubricated and loaded with seed before going to that first field.  But before the planters can run, there are some other tasks that must be accomplished!

We will need to be applying NH3 (nitrogen fertilizer) for the corn crop, and also applying a herbicide over the wheat crop.  Next will come the burn-down herbicide for the corn and soybean acres.   Once April arrives, there will be a greater sense of urgency to getting the planters rolling.  We typically plant corn and soybeans simultaneously… as the field conditions allow.  For the soybeans, the herbicide application must occur a week ahead of planting… So, as you can tell, springtime logistics are a bit complex, and require some forethought.  If cold or wet weather delays spring pre-planting activity, then a complete re-organization of tasks occurs.  The highest priority is timely, early-as-possible planting.

Other wrinkles are the continuing new-ground preparation at Burke, and some conservation construction at the Lett and Watjen farms– as well as at Home, Roberson, and Steimel.  If the weather permits, April will be packed with farm activity!

We are looking forward in great expectation!  Looks like the next warm day, we will begin to inch in to do some field work.  We are getting eager to begin… planning for the 2014 crop began in September 2013…and now the excitement and pleasure of planting are nearly upon us.

Are we ready?  Yeah, just about…


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