Frosty morning

Monday, February 24, 2014

There is a little skiff of frost on the ground today, but the sun is shining brightly.  The temperature is still in the 20s.  The cold reminds us that it is still winter in southern Indiana.  I was checking back at a year ago, and I discovered that we received snow last year on March 25th.   Winter stuck around a good while in 2013, too.  We were concerned about the rainy and cold spring, and the late planting.   After all those less-than-favorable conditions, we still managed to bring home the best corn crop, ever.  So, we are reminded that we can trust our Maker to bring forth blessing out of adversity.

Yes, winter may hang around for several weeks.  But we can know that spring is coming, and when it does arrive, we will be ready to plant another crop for Carnahan & Sons.  No matter how it turns out, skimpy or bountiful, there will be lessons to be learned and blessings to be appreciated.

Have a good week.


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  1. John S. Hobson says:

    Very good says your sis. Nice visit with Ross and Rhoda. Headed to ft L and home tomorrow afternoon. Great trip. Love. John

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