No corn to market today…

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

…but today there is plenty of office work.  I am editing the reports for corn yields.  Now that we are almost empty, I can nail down the yields much more precisely. So, I am editing the numbers entered into the computer back when we made our harvest-time unload estimates.  Even though we have no scales to weigh the loads exactly, our unload estimates are usually within 2-3%.  The final numbers today will be accurate.

I’ll report the yields to our crop insurance agent this afternoon.

This is a very sunny morning to be enjoyed, and the temperature is slowly creeping up.

Corn deliveries will resume in February.

Ella spent some time with Grandpa in the office this morning.  What a joy!

Who is in charge, and who is the assistant?

Who is really in charge, and who is the assistant? No doubt about it…




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