Yeah, it was cold enough… sort of

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I got a call from our CPS (Crop Production Services) consultant Greg Anthis this morning, and he reported that they were able to apply the nitrogen top-dress to the wheat fields at our Harry farm.  Because it was snowing this morning, they stopped when they finished that location.  The overnight low temperature and tomorrow’s high temperature are predicted in the low 20s.  If that really happens, the nitrogen applications will probably resume tomorrow.  The applications made today amount to about 30% of the total.

The snow was occasionally heavy, but it stopped by noon.  The accumulation was <1 inch (25 mm), so I don’t think it will impair progress in the wheat fields tomorrow.

The breezy conditions added to the temperature make it a bit unpleasant to be out there today.  John is delivering corn to GPC, and it feels pretty brisk when I’m loading his truck. I’m grateful for the warm office where I can wait while the overhead load-out bins re-fill.

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