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Friday, December 27, 2013

Brandon is out with the Peterbilt, delivering corn to GPC at Washington, Indiana.  He spent a big part of yesterday sweeping out our #1 grain bin.  He had a little help from Haley towards the end.   Another MT (empty) bin.   Today should complete our December contracts for corn delivery.  I don’t anticipate any trucks going out next week.

Loading the Peterbilt for a trip to GPC

Loading the Peterbilt for a trip to GPC

Ross had his family Christmas celebration on Tuesday afternoon/evening, and my family got together on Wednesday evening.  It was a great time for all.

I think Philip would get the prize for traveling the farthest, all the way from Portland.  He arrived on Tuesday night, and will return on Sunday.  Back to work for him, too.  He is a tech consultant for the Oregon Wine Board.  Ben begins work next week for the Air America Flight Center; he will be assigned to multiple locations, beginning in Lubbock, TX… and he will be doing some type of aerial imaging.  He is concentrating now on getting prepared for an extended time away from Indiana.  We are grateful for his job, and that he is headed toward his goal of working in flight.

We had a pleasant pause for Christmas, but the responsibilities of life are kicking back into gear.  The grain bins must be emptied, the corn delivered.  There is always a truck to wash or something to clean.  We simply must do some maintenance on the lane.  Perhaps a few loads of stone will provide the improvements needed.  The snow is gone, and the temperatures are moderating.  Even so, we are praying for a stretch of days with frozen soil, so that the top-dress of nitrogen can be applied to the wheat crop.

And we will take the time for some basketball games.  After all, we do live in Indiana, and that’s what you do on winter evenings!  The local South Knox HS team is having a better season at 4-1 so far, and that will bring out even more fans.  It’s not unusual to see 2500-3000 fans at our local HS games, a pretty good crowd for a HS of 350 students.    It does not seem to be so important in places away from Indiana.  We’ve attended HS basketball games when we’ve visited in Oregon or Florida.  It’s so surprising how few people attend.  Football is growing in importance here, probably a result of the success of the Colts, but basketball is still King in Indiana.

Have good weekend.

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