One down, nine to go

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We made the first annual payment on the new Burke farm today.  Boy, oh, boy… did  that year ever go by fast!  To recall the story of how we came to purchase this place, refer to the post for November 7, 2012.  It feels good to pay the first chunk on it, but there are still nine more payments to go….there’s a dose of reality for you.  Paying for a farm in a 10-year period is pretty aggressive, but that’s what we prefer.  It gets us ready for the next one a bit sooner!

It has warmed to 54ºF today, and it’s very windy.  Tomorrow and Saturday, rain is predicted.  That should make all the snow go away.  There are still some icy patches hanging around the shop and office and elevator, making for tricky walking conditions.  Maybe the weekend rain will wash that away, too.  It appears that after a snowy December, we won’t have a white Christmas after all.  Wasn’t it just last week we had temps below zero?

Signed the papers today on the new John Deere S680 combine.  Delivery could be as early as tomorrow or next week, depending on when the weather allows it to arrive here clean.  We are kind of particular about keeping the new machine sparkling clean until it goes to the field.

The Peterbilt truck is filthy from the snow and ice on the roads (and especially our lane) over the past couple weeks.  Brandon is taking advantage of this warmer day to clean it up.  It must go back on the road tomorrow to deliver some corn to GPC, after a couple days hiatus.



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