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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This morning, we met with Greg Anthis of Crop Production Services (CPS) to go over the final soil test reports.  These tests– from the Crook, Cox, and Shake farms–were made on a geographical grid, 5 acres (approximately 2 hectares) each, and allow our fertility management to be more site-specific.   In many instances, this grid-based technique reduces the cost for fertilizer application, as compared to applying a single rate over the entire field.  The reports showed need for lime to be applied at Crook, and we gave the approval for that application.  Hopefully, all these fertilizer and lime applications will be completed before the end of the month, but that is weather-dependent.

John is delivering corn to GPC at Washington, Indiana… 4 loads today.  My office work includes bill paying, and some projections about the end of our fiscal year, coming in 10 days.  I also keep the corn load-outs filled.

Last evening, we took all the crew (everyone who has worked here to help bring in the harvest) and their families to Bobe’s at Washington for celebratory dinner together.  We had a good time, and the steaks were fantastic.  Most years we celebrate the end of harvest with this kind of banquet.  It expresses our appreciation for all who assist us with the operation of this farm business.  Typically, this event comes toward the end of November, near Thanksgiving time.  This is a good way for us to remember to be thankful, for the year’s good crops and for the relationships among the team here that makes the work go so well (at least, most days!).

Rain is predicted for Friday… and much colder temps.

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