Gotta give it a try

Monday, November 4, 2013

It’s a little cloudy, and the temperature is only 52, not the sunny and 60 that was predicted.  Even so, I think we are going to try to cut some DCB this afternoon at our VanVleet farm location.  We can bring home the beans and place them in our #5 hopper bin, and turn on the aeration, if the moisture reading is above 13%  (and it likely will be).   We will send the soybeans directly to market, if they are <13%.   We are eager to get the remaining beans finished.  It is the agenda item for the next several days.  The combines and headers are out, and ready to go.

Upon checking, it shows a 100% chance of rain on Wednesday.   So, we want to use this little window of opportunity if at all possible.

The leaves on the trees are at their peak of color.  And the colors seem extra-bright this fall.  The brilliant showcase suddenly popped into sight, just in the last few days.  Within a week or so, we will probably see those beautiful leaves become cascades of color, floating to the ground.  We will enjoy it while it lasts!

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