Rainy days…

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Overnight and this morning, we received 1+inch of rain.  That’ll push back the return to soybean harvest!  However, we really think that when it does get dry enough again, we can resume our harvesting work.  Those nearly 700 acres of soybeans will go through the combines pretty quickly, once we get good and dry days.  We realize, though, that November is so very unpredictable, weather-wise.  It can be sunny and beautiful for weeks, or we can have the gray, damp, and gloomy pre-winter days.  Guess which one we prefer?

We are still sending corn to market at GPC in Washington, Indiana…2 to 4 loads per day.  It will take about 6 days to get delivered all that Ross currently has sold.

John has taken the red-stripe Mack (a CH model) to the repair shop in Vincennes, and brought home our Mack Vision this morning.  The Vision needed clutch repairs, and the red-stripe needs repairs to the air-bag suspension.  The folks at R&H are quite good at these repairs, and are quick with their turn-around when we need them to be.

More days of computer and paper work in the office.  The crop budget for ’14 and the cash flows still need work.  Yes, it takes a lot of effort in those documents, but they build a lot of confidence in our finances and in Ross’ marketing efforts.  It’s just really necessary information.  And I must admit, that when I am developing that kind of information that assists our management, it’s a pleasure.  But when I’m working to satisfy the requirements of some bureaucrat somewhere, it’s more like work.

Let the sun shine…


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