Cause for celebration!

Sunday afternoon, October 20, 2013

Last evening, just before dark, we got the corn crop done.  We received .2″ of rain on Saturday morning, but the sun came out, and we were able to go to the corn field.  We could even get trucks into the field, if we were careful.  There was only about 50 acres or so left at Waldo, and that went pretty well. It was a bit of a relief when that last truck pulled out onto IN Hwy 550 towards home.  There were lots of loads this fall, quite unlike fall 2012.  And our storage will be filled, so that will make for lots of truck driving this winter to deliver it all to market.  By my calculations, this was the best-yielding corn crop in our farm’s history.  I thought it might be only second-best, but I was wrong.  The 201 average is 17 bu/ac better that our previous best.

Thank you, God, for providing such a good harvest for us and our neighbors.

Ross and I shared our typical ‘harvest done’ handshake.   We’ll do that again when the beans are done.

This week and those after will have many other tasks on our plate.  Cutting field borders with the bush-hog, fertilizing, soil testing, soil conservation repairs, clearing a woods at Burke, preparing yield reports for FSA and crop insurance, cleaning and storing the corn heads… these and others will keep our days occupied.  And, of course, we have over 600 acres of replanted and double-crop soybeans to cut, but they won’t be ready for at least 2 weeks.

It’s a beautiful, cool, crisp, breezy day in southwest Indiana.

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