2014 Wheat crop is planted

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yesterday, Larry finished planting the 2014 wheat crop.  There was only about 20 acres remaining to be done, and he got that accomplished.  It’s a relief to see that task completed, and all 2014 wheat fields but this last one are turning green with baby wheat.

We have been cutting beans for a couple days, and finding some of the replanted ones surprisingly ready.  So, we’ve returned to Freddie, Burke, and Huey to cut some of the 2nd-replanting of soybeans.  We will still have to return a 3rd time to these locations, but it is a happy thing to use these dry and sunny days to get more beans than we thought we would this week.  My hope today is to get all the beans cut except the DCB and the July-replanted acres.  We can then turn our attention to corn harvest again next week.

Sending some corn and soybeans to market this morning, during the damp, dewy time.

Soil sampling is being done by CPS, making ready for the plans for next year’s corn fertility program.  They test on a GPS recorded grid basis, and then the fertilizers are spread according to the grid map.

It’s a time for multi-tasking…


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