A little delay…

Thursday evening, September 12, 2013

We received some rain this morning, and it was heavy for a short time.  By afternoon, the grass was dry again, ready for some mowing.  It seems that we will be waiting now until Monday to begin corn harvest.  John and Ben checked out the trucks again today to make sure they’re ready.  I took the Gator to fields around Wheatland, all the way to the Huey farm, and then to Waldo, Cresy, and Dunn to spray clumps of johnsongrass.  Upon returning to the farm, the little spray tank was removed from the Gator.   Brandon and Nick thoroughly cleaned and polished the Gator–looks like new.  Haley has the office sparkling again, ready for another week’s use.

Looks like we will have some soybeans ripe for harvest in about a week or 10 days.  They’re close at the Holscher farm, as well as Harry and Harvey.  I better check on the Lett and Watjen farms’ soybeans tomorrow, to see when they’ll be ready to cut.  That is especially important, for our first cover-crop experience will be planted there ASAP.

We will cut the grass at home tomorrow.

On Monday, I fully expect the ‘green light’ to turn on!  The combines are fully ready.

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