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Monday, July 22, 2013

We are so very pleased with the rainfall we received over the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon and evening, 1.6″ (41 mm) came in a very helpful way… it took many hours to fall.  It was an answer to our prayers for many days.  Isn’t it interesting that we can go from ‘too wet’ to ‘too dry’ in just a few days!  Even after all the heavy rain events of April, May, and June, here we were, praying for rain in mid-July.  The replanting of soybeans was finally completed on Thursday evening, the 18th.  And on Friday, Brandon washed up the air drill.  It looks like new.

First thing this morning, Brandon, Nick, Haley and I took the air drill to the Huey farm for storage in the quonset building there.  It took all these observers to guide the driver to back the air drill into the barely-big-enough space.  We re-arranged the items in that building, placing the 6-row corn planter (a machine only for replanting) in the back, next went in the soybean air drill, and then last to go in was the ammonia toolbar.  Those are now positioned in that quonset building in the order in which we will need them next spring.  The air cart has a tarp covering the yellow tanks, protecting them from bird droppings.

Today, after bringing the two JD 4wd tractors (JD 9330 and 9360R) back home, the guys have them washed, and now they are applying a coat of wax!

Nick and Brandon are putting a coat of wax on the JD 9330... brilliant!

Nick and Brandon are putting a coat of wax on the JD 9330… brilliant!

We really appreciate the 'like new' appearance!

We really appreciate the ‘like new’ appearance!

Brandon also delivered 5000 bushels of wheat to Robinson Grain Elevator late this morning.

We have scouted all the DCB fields, and it appears that a pretty good stand of beans is getting started in every field.  The rain over the weekend was a very good help to them, as well as the other crops.  Of course, it’s not time to ‘count our chickens’ (or new bushels) just yet, but this rain event has really helped everything.

It’s been a busy day… but a good one.  The cloudy skies of the morning have given way to bright sunshine, and the mid-80s temperatures are nearly perfect!

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