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Monday, July 15, 2013

There is a big list of things to accomplish today, and many things are happening!  Wheat is being delivered by Brandon to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.  Nick is out on the Gator spraying johnsongrass along roadsides.  He also did some spray work with the backpack sprayer!  John is doing some repairs to the air drill and paying our CPS bill for the month.  Ben is out with the bush-hog at Huey and nearby locations, mowing riparian areas and roadsides.  Haley is out with the suntan machine to spray Crossbow on the sprouts in the ditches at Huey, Downen, and Burke.

We are hoping for some rain.  We had a mini-storm Saturday night that brought .08″  A general 1″ rain would be welcome.  Those late soybeans, planted in soil that was just a little too wet, need some rain to thrive.  Not a big rain, mind you, but a good, slow-falling inch.  Isn’t it amazing that it can go from too wet to too dry in a matter of days?

Corn looks good most everywhere, the beans a little less than great, but okay.  The DCB need a rain to get going.  Most are emerging, but rain would provide moisture and soften the sun-baked soil.

It’s nearing noon, and I’ve marked off 3 of the many things on my list to do today.  At 1pm, I’ll be reporting the planted acres to our crop insurance agent.  Today is the deadline, and it is a rare thing when it takes this long to be ready to make that report.  It’s a busy week with evening meetings, and a school board trip on Wednesday to view new/remodeled high schools in the area.  We are considering a remodel project to our high school, and we are browsing for ideas.

Enjoy the day.  It definitely feels like summer today!

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