Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the wheat field to check on the condition of the wheat and the wetness  of the soil.  Surprise!  We found the wheat relatively dry, and the soil firm enough to support the combine. Since Ross was away at a significant horse show event in Liberty, Kentucky, we moved the JD 9770 back to the Crook farm and began cutting.  Yvertin (our French guest) was manning the grain cart, and we just kept going and going.  By 6pm we were finished with that farm, and we moved to the last wheat farm location, the Roberson farm.  It seemed a little slower-going at Roberson, but the wheat yields were good.  By late afternoon, the wheat moisture levels were 13-14%, so those loads went directly into storage, not needing to be dried.  Working a little later in the evening, we were able to send home two truckloads from Roberson.  IF the weather holds today, there is an outside chance the wheat harvest could get done today!  Seems a much slower pace when working with only one combine.

John was very busy yesterday afternoon/evening/night.  We brought in another load of #53 stone to do some lane repairs, fill potholes, and place into an interior of a machine storage building.  He did all that, ran the trucks, operated the grain dryer, and managed to do all those things simultaneously!  I’m glad he can multi-task.  He stayed quite late, after midnight, to get the dryer cleared out, just in case it rained during the night.

Hold on, sunshine, for this Saturday!

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