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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yesteday, Brandon and Nick power washed the big LP tank, to prepare it for new paint.  Today, Brandon is up there rolling on a new coat of beautiful white paint. IMG_8678

Since it’s too wet to replant, we busy ourselves with other projects to maintain and improve the farm.  Ben will be out today with the “suntan machine” doing spray maintenance on many ditches.

Wheat harvest is still 15 to 20 days away, and we are hopeful about the yields.  The big rains of last Thursday through Saturday have damaged some of the newly-planted corn and soybeans.  Ross will do more replant of corn if he can get it in by the 10th, and I did not get finished with the replant of soybeans when stopped by Thursday night’s rain.  So, we wait for dry soil conditions to get back out there and “do what we gotta do”.  Hopefully, by Thursday, it will be dry enough to return to replanting, but rain is predicted for Wednesday night!

Also yesterday, we met with Linda Miller, a crop insurance adjuster.  She observed the fields that we must replant in order to facilitate our replant claims.  Our crop insurance company provides some reimbursement for the expense of replant once the loss goes above a certain threshhold level.  We will finish the replant ASAP, and communicate final numbers to Mrs. Miller by phone.

We are enjoying the visit of Yvertin Jaquet, a 19-year-old french ag student.  He shows interest in our work, and his english is improving!   We are learning to pronounce Yvertin’s name, something like this:   eve-ur-TAHn   zhak-A

Here is Yvertin Jaquet.  He will be visiting us for the month of June.

Here is Yvertin Jaquet. He will be visiting us for the month of June.

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