Easing back into it

Monday, May 27… Memorial Day 2013

After a drive around to the fields today, I will be able to return to the Freddie farm, and begin planting.  I will have to plant around 4 patches of water at Freddie, and return to those at a later date.  I also discovered some replanting that is needed at the Steimel and Huey farm locations — just a few acres that drowned in the big rain of a few weeks ago.  I may be able to do the Huey replanting by Wednesday, but at Steimel, it’s still too muddy.  The same is true for the Grubb and Nellie locations… too wet to plant today, but maybe late this week it will be a ‘go’.  I’m hoping to wrap up soybean planting operations this week.

The sun is shining, and 80+temps predicted for each day this week.  There is a little chance of rain today, but <30%.  Let’s hope it misses today, and returns in July and August!

So, like most Memorial Days, there is field work to do…

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