Rain Delay

Monday, April 8, 2013

1.3 inches (33mm) of rain last night stopped the work in the fields today.  Anhydrous ammonia was going on well, and the wheat crop got sprayed.  I had just begun to apply the spring burn-down herbicide for corn last evening, when the rain came to stop me.  Well, at least there is one 21-acre field ready for the corn planter!

Ross has been experiencing some trouble with his Raven 440 control system on the blue DMI applicaton bar.  It appears that the control box and wiring harness is kaput (yes, that is a real word… I looked it up!).  It has been a rare thing for that system to cause delays, but this time it simply cannot be fixed.  Ross is tracking down the necessary parts and pieces and wires today.  By the time it dries enough to return to applying NH3, he will be ready again.

Rain delays are not just a baseball term.

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