Welcome, sunshine

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The sun came out this afternoon, and warmed everything it touched.  The temperature climbed to the mid 40s today, and because the wind was slight, it felt warm to be outside.  Every person you encountered was talking about how nice the afternoon seemed.

Even with a fair-weather day, I did not accomplish much today except for two changes.  New tires on the pickup, and a new phone.  I sort of dreaded both; the tires for the expense, and the phone for the mountain of work to bring over the information from the previous phone.  Both were a little surprising.  The tires were not quite as pricey as I expected, and the phone took about 90 minutes to figure out how to make it seem familiar… not the day’s work I thought it would be.

The new tires are Michelins, and replace the Pirellis that came with the F-150 when it was new.  They lasted over 58k miles.

I went from an iPhone 4 to a 5, and when I connected to iTunes, the upgrade/conversion was pretty smooth.  I soon found all my apps, and the email worked pretty quickly.  Even my wallpaper picture came up onscreen!  I was texting, emailing, and browsing the web in no time.  I will have to get a little used to Siri speaking to me!

I did the reconciliation for two bank accounts today.  I still receive a paper statement each month, and use it to make certain our books are correct and in agreement with our bank. Seems like there is a little bit of bookkeeping work to keep caught up nearly every day.

We received Technical Determinations from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for 5 (so far) farm locations this week.  The NRCS evaluates each location to make an official determination if the sites contain “highly erodible land” (HEL) or a “wetland“.  There have been no surprises with the reports received so far.  Yes, there are some fields with HEL, and some without…and not a wetland reported.  I am not certain why these evaluations are occurring at this particular time, but I am eager to see the report on our new location, the one we call the “Burke Farm”.  That will tell me what hoops we will have to leap through in order to make the improvements we plan to do in ’14.

I have been under the weather since the weekend, but I am improving.  I hope to be well soon so that I can get to the weekend’s HS basketball games.

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