Illness and injury

Monday, January 7, 2013

It was a rough weekend.  Saturday afternoon, John and Ben were on the new Burke farm, cutting down some brush in a fencerow. Ben was using the chainsaw, and it kicked back and cut his left knee.  It was not a severe cut, but any injury with a chainsaw cannot be good.  He quickly called Dr. Thompson at home and met him at his office to get sewn up.  Twelve stitches and a tetanus shot later, he was bandaged up and headed home.  Thanks, Dr. Tom, for taking care of Ben–again.   He has rescued Ben many times over the years.  Ben returned to Purdue yesterday afternoon, and we all continue to monitor his wound, for we are concerned about infection.

Saturday night and Sunday were flu days for Pat and me. Pat was bad enough that she did not attend Ella’s baptism ceremony late Sunday morning.  I was there, but got back home as quickly as possible.  Sunday afternoon, I could not get warm and I had severe aches in every bone.  Pat was chilled too, for she did not protest when I turned up the thermostat– I knew for sure she was sick then!    I made a trip to the doctor this morning.  We are both better today, but taking it easy.

What a weekend!  I hope to return to happy news soon.


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