John in the Pete

Monday, December 3, 2012

John is delivering corn to market across US 50 at Robinson Grain Elevator.  He’s driving his favorite, the Peterbilt.  It is a windy and very warm day, 72F.

Shepards are beginning work on the installation of a system of drainage tile on the Waldo farm.  It is a little more complicated than usual, for the outlet must go about 1000 feet across a neighbor’s field in order get low enough to drain into a stream.  So, we needed permission from that neighbor, and he was gracious enough to give it.   There is also a gas transmission pipeline that must be located and worked around.  This will add to the time and expense to the installation, but will work properly when they finish.

Rain is predicted for tonight.  If it does, it will be both good and bad…. bad that it will delay the tile installation, but good that we receive some moisture!

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