Sunny and warmer

Friday, November 9, 2012

Under a clear blue sky, the temperature got up to 67F today. Really nice.

Two big events today:  1.  Grandma Pat kept little Miss Ella for the first time today.

I got this picture in a text message today from Pat, saying, “Hi, Grandpa!”

2. We did our first work on the newly-purchased Burke farm.  I called the farmer who currently is the tenant on the place and asked for his permission to enter the fields and make our fall application of herbicide.  We really don’t have legal ‘possession’ of the place yet; that will come at ‘closing’ in about a month.  But the weather conditions are favorable for doing the spraying.   This farmer was very cooperative on the phone.  He politely told me that they had only a couple acres of soybeans to cut near the house, so please don’t tread on that…. but he did give the ‘go-ahead’ for us to make our spray application on the nearly-200 acres they had already harvested.  He said as we ended our phone conversation, “We will try to be a good neighbor,” and I replied that we would make every effort to do the same.

John did that spraying today, with the support of Philip in the water truck.  I took the bush-hog there and mowed a riparian strip along the big Kessinger ditch on the west side of the property.  After that, I mowed one strip around all three fields to more clearly define the borders and clean up the appearance.   Philip, John, and I took a few minutes to view inside the out-buildings and grain bins, evaluating them to determine what to do with them.  We have already had some interest expressed by a family who would like to buy the house.   Now we have more options to consider!  One option that is not attractive to us is to rent out the house.

I mailed off the property taxes today.  It may seem silly to mail them to the courthouse in Vincennes, but it keeps me from standing in the long line at the County Treasurer’s office.

The weather forecast is sunny and warmer, at least for the weekend.  I am pretty sure that we will harvest DCB next week, as soon as the weather permits.

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