Corn again

September 24, 2012

Monday came again, and we returned to harvesting corn.  All that is left is the replanted corn, and today it was testing about 20-21% moisture.  Makes for good harvesting.  Had to have a service man, Jarrod Rasche,  come from Wright-Stemle to repair a sheave system on the feeder house of my 9770.  Just replacing the belt was not the fix, and it chewed up that new one pretty quick.   After the replacement of the cams and sheaves, (and another new belt) the header drive and reverser worked smooth as could be.  This was an expensive repair, but now it should be good to go for many hours of work.

Spending some days in the corn fields should allow the green soybeans to dry down a little better.  We plan to finish the corn before going back to harvesting beans.

We harvested the Downen and Crook farms today, working a little later into the night than typical.  We hope the rain in the forecast holds off until we can get the corn crop finished.  Down to two locations left!


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