Harry in the rear view mirror

Friday morning, August 31, 2012

Yesterday, we harvested our first corn for the fall.  It was at the Harry farm, west of here near US 50.  It is a rather hilly place, and it was planted to a hybrid that the experts tell us needs to be harvested early to reduce the danger of lodging.  We got through with it late last night.  One farm down, many to go!

The yield and moisture levels were variable, just as we expected.  What we could not estimate was the average yield.  I saw on my monitor yesterday, yields from zero to 194 bushels per acre.  Those 4 fields of the Harry farm averaged 71.3 bushels per acre… using the unloaded bushels at home and adjusting for the moisture down to 15%.   That will require a claim for crop insurance.

Of course, there were bugs in the system starting out.  I had to call Jason Lueken at Wright-Stemle to help me set up the GS3 screen.  It sort of worked out once the header was installed on the combine.  Ross had to have a service man come to work on his header-height control system.  Typical for first day.  But all in all, not a bad first day.  It’s good not wonder about what the yields will be; to finally get a feel for what kind of yields we will be bringing in.

The new dryer is acting up, and a technician is on the road here to get it going.  We may not get very far today if that dryer doesn’t fire up.  And Isaac is headed this way.

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