Another Monday

August 27, 2012

Monday has come again, and it is cloudy and overcast with occasional rain showers.  This comes after a very hot and sunny weekend.  The cooler temperatures, cloudiness, and light rain pare back our enthusiasm to begin harvest.  Even so, later this week when warmer and clearer skies return, we will likely begin in one of the corn fields.  There is a particular hybrid that Ross used at the Harry farm that we are being encouraged to harvest sooner rather than later because of standability issues.  When corn stalks fall over, it’s called “lodging“, and that increases the difficulty of harvest and often reduces the quality of the grain.

John and Philip are hooking up the grain cart, the final link in the harvest chain of equipment to get ready for the fields.  Ross has said that tomorrow or Wednesday, we will begin and just see what we will find out about the yield and moisture levels.

We are monitoring the progress of the tropical storm/hurricane Isaac, thinking about the Florida and gulf coast folks who must prepare for its arrival…. and clean up in its wake.  Will New Orleans get hit again?  Will the people there respond differently this time?  Will the damage be as severe as 7 years ago?  Time will tell.  And, if Isaac takes a more westward path, it could eventually come to south Indiana with heavy rain and wind.  At least a hurricane gives you days of warning, unlike a tornado which can be upon you in minutes!  We will be watching…and praying for those folks who are in the path….

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