Green carpet

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yesterday, the green carpet was rolled out in Haubstadt, Indiana where the Wright-Stemle John Deere dealership held its 2nd annual summertime customer appreciation day… called the “Green Carpet Event”.  Sure enough, the broad walkway to the big, air-cooled tent was paved with green carpet.  And on each side were shiny new green tractors and combines.

Here is the green carpet runway leading past the shiny new John Deeres

Here’s our meal… and white tablecloths too…

Along the green carpet walkway, we check out the new S680 combine. I could be interested in one of these for ’14. There is some new technology inside.

The meal was catered by Indiana’s famous Beef House, Covington, Indiana.  A great charcoal-grilled and cooked-to-order sirloin was accompanied by green beans, scalloped potatoes, and a garden salad.  The yeast rolls were extra special.  There was even blackberry cobbler with ice cream for dessert.  Ross, Philip, Brandon, and I enjoyed our noon meal very much.  John was not able to join us, for he was with his wife Ashley, and one-day-old Ella.

Ross is taking off today for Murfreesboro, Tennessee for a horse show.  He is very familiar with that place, and he is eager to be among his contemporaries in the quarter horse world.  He will compete in another pole bending competition there.

Ben came home from Purdue yesterday to meet his new niece, and returned last night to be ready for work today.  He has a short-term job as a pilot for an aerial survey/photography service.  He flies a specific pattern at a certain altitude, and digital photos are taken of the terrain.  I don’t know the specific purpose of this survey, but he is excited to be flying and gaining experience and flight hours!

John, Ashley and baby Ella should be home today.   Grandma and Grandpa are pretty happy.

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