August 6, 2012

Another Monday has come, and it’s office time again today.  I have a list of paperwork, including bill-paying to accomplish.  I work best from a list, and I really enjoy ‘checking off’ stuff when it is accomplished.  Ross is off with a horse to Lynnville, Indiana.  Both he and I had to get front tires repaired on our pickups last Friday for the nails in them.  How did that happen?   I have been communicating by email today with folks who are engaged in children’s and youth ministry at church, and John and Philip are picking up some of the wires left along the lane last week by WIN Energy’s workers.  It’s a pretty sure thing that we will need to mow the grass this week.  Maybe we will need to be re-trained on mowers… it’s been so long!   ( at least 8 weeks since we mowed last time ).  Brandon and Nick are clearing out some debris that has accumulated in the old block building.

Pat and I had a great Friday night.  We went to the Barry Manilow concert in Indianapolis… part of the State Fair program, but it was held in Bankers’ Life Fieldhouse.  It was a 90-minute trip down memory lane… it struck us that the crowd was noticeably ‘older’.   But his show was delightfully entertaining!  We stayed overnight in downtown Indy, and went to visit Ben at Purdue on Saturday.

We are counting down the days to the arrival of John and Ashley’s baby girl, due August 19.  Any day now!  I have a pink John Deere hat for her already.

The equipment is ready for harvest, there may be some spraying to do in some of the double-crop soybeans, but John did some of that last week.  The rain last Thursday will definitely help the yield of soybeans, even the short, early-planted soybeans may be boosted… the beans will be bigger with better test weight, even if the number of pods and beans do not increase.  The DCB, will have greater potential; hopefully, they will grow above the wheat stubble and put on more pods.

Philip just saw a hummingbird feeding on the flowers of a crepe myrtle out the window.  How nice!

Random events, tasks, and thoughts until the singularly-focused work of harvest begins….

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