Where did that come from?

Thursday, July 5, 2012, 11 am.

Yesterday evening, as we were watching the Cardinals’ game with Colorado, we heard some thunder.  It took us by surprise; were were not expecting any rain on a very hot (105F) 4th of July.  But somehow, out of the blue, the clouds rolled up and gave us a little rain.  About .1″ (2mm) fell in a period of about 30 minutes.   The radar confirmed that this was a very small cell of rain, in a very localized area.  We were very happy to get even that small amount!  It can only be a help to the newly-planted DCB.

The soybean planter is cleaned out, washed,  and now is being placed back into storage at the Huey farm.

The humidity of southern Indiana has come back, and it really smacks you when you go outdoors.  For all the month of June, the humidity was uncharacteristically low, not what one would expect.  Typically, the air of southern Indiana summer days is ‘sticky’ and that’s just what we are experiencing today.

There is much office work to do today– a federal highway use tax form ( the 2290) has to be filled out, the bank reconciliations to do, and bills to pay.  So, I am grateful for a cool and comfortable office in which to do such work, especially on this hot and humid day!  I’m running the iRobot vacuum while I work at the desk; it’s a little noisy, but gets the floor reasonably clean.   It’s kinda difficult to keep this office space clean, but it’s something that has to be done regularly.

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