Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It’s only .12 inches ( 3mm ), but it is a welcome sight this morning.  A few puddles on the pavement, and I’m sure the corn and soybeans are sighing, “Ahhhhh….”

Preparations begin today for wheat harvest, the elevators need inspected and lubricated, and the old pit needs cleaned out.   Pit cleaning is our most ‘glamorous’ job; it would be fitting for an episode with Mike Rowe.  The trucks’ chassis will also be lubricated.  We will be ready when the wheat is ready for us, probably this week!  It should not take more than 3-4 days to harvest the 400 acres, and our neighbor Tom Loudermilk will likely be following us right in each harvest field, baling the straw.  As soon as possible after Tom, I will be out there planting double-crop soybeans.   There is also the replanted corn that needs the post-emerge herbicide application soon.  We should not be lacking some farm activity this week!

I must say I said a ‘thank you’ prayer when thunder awakened me very early this morning.

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