May 15, 2012

Ross and I went this morning to look at the corn at the Cox farm.  Oh, instead of getting better, it seemed to be getting worse looking.  Some of the corn was big, some was tiny, and there were indications of some corn held back by compaction (probably from the wet fall of 2010).  So, we decided that we would replant most of  this field.  It is really unusual, for the lower, flat part is where we typically experience some flooding in the spring, and it’s not unusual to replant there…. this time, that is the area that has good, healthy corn, and the upper parts of the field needed replanting!  Go figure!

Purdue’s Bob Nielson, the corn expert, has a new article about this year’s conditions.  It certainly describes what we’re experiencing this month.

We hooked up the field cultivator to the 9330, and I went to Cox and worked up a major portion of the field.  Ross hooked up the corn planter (again)to the MX 290, got some seed from our dealer, Jeff Jackson, and replanted the area I worked up.

Again, we hope that’s it for the replanting!

After some work done today by Russell Lashley, our electrician on the dryer project, it seems that WIN Energy will have to do an upgrade to our 3-phase service, and install some transformers with bigger capacity.  They tell us that they cannot have that ready before wheat harvest, but will be ready for fall corn harvest.  We were really hoping to test the dryer’s functionality during wheat harvest, but that will have to wait to fall.

Bin #1 got cleaned out today, with the corn run upstairs in the overhead truck-loadout bins.

Philip is spraying corn (postemerge) today, easing into that job.  Should take about 3 days.

Never a dull moment….

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