January 26, 2012

Last Sunday night, we were on the receiving end of a big windstorm.  It was strange that the storm did not wake me during the night, but I got a big surprise when I went out Monday morning.  The first hint was the uprooted tree on the bank of Ross’ pond.  Next were the big tree limbs that had to be moved so that I could drive the pickup over to the office.  The final observation was on the building that houses the Peterbilt and the Mack Vision trucks.  One door was blown away and splintered, the other remained, but was broken off track and leaning against the Vision.   On our newest storage barn, the metal was bent near the large overhead doors.  The horse barn also saw some damage with big sliding doors blown off.  A quick phone call to DC Metal, Cannelburg, Indiana, and the repairs were scheduled.  In fact, the crew is here today, making the necessary repairs.  We also had good service from our insurance provider, McCormick Insurance in Vincennes, local agent for Farmers’ Home Insurance Company. 


Here is the damage to the truck barn, one door gone, the other blown in


On Tuesday, we also had a stop from Environmental Tech of Newburgh, Indiana.  They came and picked up 6 barrels of our used oil.  Years ago, we spread the used oil on the driveways to reduce dust, but now it goes to EnviroTech for recycling.

This is the truck that picked up our used oil on Tuesday

Today, I am filling out the necessary forms for Farm Service Agency (FSA).  Whenever there are changes to the organization of the farm, those changes have to be reported to the local FSA office, so they can administer properly our participation in the USDAs farm programs.  Some of the forms can be done online, but not all.  The online availability does add some convenience to the task.   Sign-up for 2012 participation began this week, and I hope to be ready to do so soon.   Our county office recently saw the retirement of a long-serving director, Brad Summers.  Brad was very good in his position at FSA, and after such a long time at the helm, the change will be dramatic.  His replacement has now arrived, Lisa Hollars, and we hope for her a long and happy stay in the Knox County FSA offices.

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