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November 28, 2011

Just some random thoughts…

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, all the family was together.  It is the best holiday (my opinon, anyway), for it adjusts our attitude, and reminds us to ‘count our blessings’.

The Old Oaken Bucket returned to Purdue on Saturday.  Probably not the best football in the country, but it still adds a “P” to the chain.

We’ve hit that rainy time, the last several days have brought rain, and it seems apparent that outdoor progress is over for ’11.  Of course, we had a few more projects to complete:  at the Huey farm and here at the Home farm, and we have Shepard Construction engaged and on the way to completion.  But the mud stops the work, and it’s not likely that there will be enough dry days anytime soon… enough dry days in a row that will allow a quick return to the work.   I think that’s often the story, the list of projects is longer than the window of opportunity to finish all of them.

The Christmas decorations are up at home, and I’ve put out the “Charlie Brown Christmas tree here in the office.

We are waiting for the N-Ject control and metering system to be delivered to Wright Stemle in Jasper, so that the new ammonia applicator can be completed and ready for spring.  Should occur this week.

Have a good week.


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